Five award-winning photos of World Photography Day 2021

On August 21, 182 years ago, or in 1839, the French Government bought a photographic patent and ceded it to the public domain which made photography accessible to everyone. Photography has therefore spread all over the world. Then the science of photography penetrated in the entertainment industry, including photography, movies, fashion, business, and everyone's daily life

Here is the top five award-winning photos of All About Photo Awards 2021:
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1.'Relocated' porter from Kolkata - Tom Price

Location: Kolkata, India
Display one of the market porters in Asia's largest wholesale market - Barabazar in Kolkata. They have to complete their herculean task of carrying implausibly-sized objects through the bustle of a mega market everyday to make ends meet. The photographer, TOM PRICE and their teammates, relocate these porters into a more surreal landscape. The series is an attempt at representing something of the migrant labourer’s experience; the sense of dislocation, the burden of their work.


2.Human cost of Covid-19 - Joshua Irwandi

Location: Indonesia
The body of a suspected coronavirus victim, wrapped in yellow infectious-waste plastic while The WHO advised against the use of disinfectant and recommended wrapping bodies in cloth.

Throughout the world, COVID-19 matters were aggravated either by fake news or inadequate reporting. For many people, the lack of access to factual evidence and accurate science-based messages about the disease led to confusion, anxiety, and denial. When this image was published it sparked denial and strong reaction across social media.


3.Travellers - Joseph-Philippe Bevillard

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Sisters, Kathleen and Bridget, from an ethnic group called Irish Travellers. In the background, a heap of copper wires is burned to remove the plastic covering prior to a trip to metal recycling for extra cash. The pictures implies social disruption and racism.

4.Juvenile detention - Javier Arcenillas

Location : Tegucigalpa, Honduras

You can see the fear, anger and impotence of victims amidst the daily terror of street gangs, murder and thievery in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Colombia. Javier Arcenillas wanted to publish the heart of uncontrolled violence in Latin America, and the social and political factors that aggressively reinforce that violence, as well as the determination to end it.

5.Chile resists - Javier Vergara

Location : Santiago Chile